child support in ontario family law

Child Support

Child support refers to a child’s right to be financially supported by the non-custodial parent. This financial support is generally paid on a monthly basis. The amount of child support a payor parent is obligated to pay is often referred to as the ‘table amount’ as this number is derived from a table of calculations set out in the Federal […]

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relocation after separation in ontario family law

Crafting a Clear Path with Separation Agreements for Relocation

In Ontario’s family law, the issue of relocation arises when a parent wishes to move with their child post-separation, requiring careful consideration and, when necessary, legal procedures to address the complexities involved. Learn the benefits of a separation agreement. Relocation is one of the most significant issues families can face after separation and divorce. This […]

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Difference between custody/access in ontario family law

Custody vs. Access: What’s The Difference?

The process of a divorce is incredibly stressful on its own. Maintaining your children’s well-being under such circumstances is even more stressful. We understand that the well-being of children is often any parent’s priority when they separate from their partner. As your family lawyer, this priority is passed on to us.  Understanding Child Custody Child […]

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child looking through window at airplane

My Spouse Refuses to Let Me Travel With My Child

Your vacation time is here. But what happens when your spouse refuses to let you travel with your child? My spouse and I have just started our family law matter and he/she refuses to let me travel outside of Canada with my child! What do I do? Does your child need travel consent? When both […]

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