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Why should I choose Horra Family Law?

Choosing a lawyer is tough, especially when your family is involved. Good news: We understand the difficulties surrounding this decision. On that note, we want to make sure we are the right lawyers for your family’s situation. “We put family first because we are family.” Here are the top four things to remember when choosing […]

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What is a Case Conference?

What is a case conference? In short, a case conference is an off-the-record, private meeting between parties of a case, their lawyers and a master or judge in a courtroom. For some cases at the Superior Court, and all cases at the Ontario Court of Justice, a first court date or first appearance is a […]

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My Spouse Refuses to Let Me Travel With My Child

Your vacation time is here. But what happens when your spouse refuses to let you travel with your child? My spouse and I have just started our family law matter and he/she refuses to let me travel outside of Canada with my child! What do I do? Does your child need travel consent? When both […]

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