Collaborative Law

Collaborative Family Law (“CFL”) is also known as the CFL process. It is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution that focuses on interest-based negotiation.

The CFL process requires the voluntary participation and willingness of both parties to work through the legal issues civilly and amicably. In the CFL process, parties resolve their disputes respectfully, with the assistance and guidance from their lawyers to achieve a settlement that is tailored to the specific needs and unique circumstances of all parties involved. This is where our expertise come into play.

When considering whether collaborative family law is an potential option for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I respect my spouse even when we disagree?
  • Are my children’s needs my top priority?
  • Are both mine and my spouse’s needs equal in my mind?
  • Can I listen to my spouse’s objectively?
  • Can I work creatively and cooperatively with my spouse?

The guiding principle of CFL is mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation between both spouses. The goal of CFL is to build a settlement and ensure a win-win outcome for all.

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