what to expect during a divorce in ontario

What to expect when getting a divorce

5 Steps To A Clean Break

When you’re getting a divorce for the first time, the unknown waters are murky to navigate, to say the least. The last things you want after a separation are the hefty fees and emotional strain of a drawn-out legal battle. To help prepare you for this journey and save you from unpleasant surprises along the way, we’ve prepared a list of what to expect when getting a divorce.

Gathering all appropriate documents

Complete financial information is essential including your last three (3) years Notice of Assessments and Income Tax Returns. You may also want to obtain copies of all bank accounts, joint accounts and individual accounts as per the date of separation. Having these documents on hand will make the process easier for you to navigate.

Hiring a family law lawyer

Your lawyer is the person who will advocate for your best interests during the divorce process. Their experience in divorce proceedings will ensure that your rights are observed and defended. The right legal representative will also negotiate on your behalf to minimize further conflict between you and your ex-spouse.

Negotiating spousal support

Your marriage was a partnership, whether you were the primary income earner or if you were the spouse who stay at home to care for the children. It is often assumed that the lower income earning party is automatically entitled to receive spousal support after the breakdown of a relationship. However, that is not necessarily the case. A party may be entitled to spousal support if they can establish entitlement. An experienced lawyer is key to negotiating fair spousal support that will help you move forward, to life’s next chapter.

Division of property

The marriage may be over, but your physical home remains. The division of property following a separation can often become the biggest headache of divorce proceedings. Keep in mind that you and your ex-spouse still maintain equal right and control of your home after separation until there is a court Order indicating otherwise. First, decide whether you’d like to keep living in the home or extricate yourself from it completely. From here you can negotiate a settlement with
your ex-spouse or seek a judgement in court.

Child support

Your interests may not be the only ones at stake during your divorce. Be sure to keep your children’s futures secure by discussing continued parental responsibilities with your ex-spouse. These duties include custody as well as financial support. Your kids deserve two-parent support; ensure they get it.

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