Mandatory Information Program for family law in ontario

Mandatory Information Program

Mandatory Information Programs (also known as MIP) are available at family court locations across Ontario.

I present the MIP for Newmarket Court House along with other family lawyers and our role is to provide attendees with information about separation/divorce and the legal process, including:

  • The effects of separation and divorce on adults and children;
  • Alternatives to litigation;
  • Family law issues;
  • The family court process; and,
  • Local legal and non-legal resources and programs for adults and children

If either spouse/parent has started a family court case, both spouses/parents must attend the MIP as the first step in the case. There are some exceptions to this rule including:

  • Parties in cases that are proceeding on consent (where both parties agree to the order that is being requested);
  • Parties in cases in which the only claims made are for a divorce, costs, or an order incorporating the terms of an agreement or prior court order; or,
  • Parties who have already attended a mandatory information program.

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