relocation after separation in ontario family law

Crafting a Clear Path with Separation Agreements for Relocation

In Ontario’s family law, the issue of relocation arises when a parent wishes to move with their child post-separation, requiring careful consideration and, when necessary, legal procedures to address the complexities involved. Learn the benefits of a separation agreement. Relocation is one of the most significant issues families can face after separation and divorce. This […]

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Difference between custody/access in ontario family law

Custody vs. Access: What’s The Difference?

The process of a divorce is incredibly stressful on its own. Maintaining your children’s well-being under such circumstances is even more stressful. We understand that the well-being of children is often any parent’s priority when they separate from their partner. As your family lawyer, this priority is passed on to us.  Understanding Child Custody Child […]

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