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Do I have to pay spousal support?

Defining Spousal Support

“Spousal support”, or “alimony” is the money payed by one spouse to the other, for their financial support following a separation or divorce. Spousal support is paid either on a monthly basis, or as a lump sum.

In Ontario, spousal support is not an automatic right, but in the case that your spouse can demonstrate one factor of the following list, they may be entitled to support.

When is spousal support required?

Your spouse may be entitled to financial support if they can demonstrate the following:

·       The financial needs of both spouses

·       The length of the marriage

·       The roles of each spouse during their marriage

·       The effect of those roles and the breakdown of the marriage on both spouses current financial positions

·       The care of the children

·       The goal of encouraging a spouse who receives support to be self-sufficient in a reasonable period of time

·       Any orders or arrangements already made about spousal support

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