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    How to Prepare for Your First Consultation with Horra Family Law

    When you're preparing for your first consultation with Horra Family Law, it helps to have a few key items prepared to ensure none of your time is wasted, and you receive the best experience possible.

    Make sure you're on track for your initial consultation by preparing the following, ahead of time:

    Be honest: Remember that all conversations you have with your lawyer are always confidential. With this in mind, it’s important to share all relevant details pertaining to your case with your lawyer so that they can help you as best they can.

    Don’t be afraid to discuss legal fees from the get-go: Lawyer fees can be complex, and solidifying the details of money matters at your first consultation lifts a weight off your shoulders. What to expect in terms of a retainer, and court fees, are costs to inquire about.

    Bring copies of relevant documents: Make copies of all relevant documents pertaining to your case and bring them to your consultation. The more information, the better.

    Take notes: Write down questions, and have a space ready to record notes on information or contacts your lawyer provides you with during your consultation. Keeping your thoughts organized on paper will also ease the stress you feel.

    At Horra Family Law, our hearts stand behind all of the work we do. Notably, our signature family focused approach stems from our combined experience and knowledge as lawyers and as family members, which in turn contributes to the success of our cases.

    Horra Family Law will help you:

    Understand your legal rights.

    Give you honest information about legal fee's.

    Keep your families best interest at the heart of the case.

    Keep you informed every step of the way.

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