What are some helpful guidelines to follow?


Below are just a few actions to consider. For more information, schedule a free initial consultation and we can provide you with more information pertaining to your situation.

  • Avoid geo-tags, location trackers or check-ins on any of your social media accounts.
  • Do not post anything about the litigation and the dispute regarding your family law matter on social media.
  •  Do not comment or post anything regarding your spouse.
  • Do not vacate the matrimonial home before seeking legal advice.
  • If you are self-employed, do not sign a credit application claiming income that is inconsistent with your income tax return. 
  • Do not purchase any luxuries such as a luxury vehicle even if it is used or of an older model.
  • Do not share any form of correspondence that you receive from your legal team with third parties as this may in effect waive solicitor-client privilege.
  • Do not sell any joint properties before seeking legal advice.


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